allosteric site

allosteric site
a specific site on a multi-subunit enzyme that is not the substrate binding site but that when reversibly bound by an effector induces a conformational change in the enzyme, altering its catalytic properties.

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  • allosteric site — That part of an enzyme molecule where the non covalent binding of an effector molecule can affect the enzyme s catalytic activity. See: conformation, ligand …   Glossary of Biotechnology

  • Allosteric regulation — In biochemistry, allosteric regulation is the regulation of an enzyme or other protein by binding an effector molecule at the protein s allosteric site (that is, a site other than the protein s active site). Effectors that enhance the protein s… …   Wikipedia

  • allosteric control — Inhibition or activation of an enzyme by a small regulatory molecule that interacts with the enzyme at a site (allosteric site) other than the active site (at which catalytic activity occurs). The interaction changes the shape of the enzyme, thus …   Universalium

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