The rounded protrusion of bone just behind the ear once thought to look like the breast. The word comes from the Greek mastos meaning breast + -oid= breast-like.
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1. Resembling a mamma; breast-shaped. 2. Relating to the m. process, antrum, cells, etc. SYN: mastoidal. [masto- + G. eidos, resemblance]

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mas·toid 'mas-.tȯid adj of, relating to, or being the mastoid process also occurring in the region of the mastoid process
mastoid n a mastoid bone or process

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the mastoid process of the temporal bone. See also mastoiditis.

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mas·toid (masґtoid) [masto- + -oid] 1. breast shaped. 2. mastoid process. 3. pertaining to the mastoid process.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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