Inflammation of the mastoid, often secondary to ear infection.
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Inflammation of any part of the mastoid process. SYN: mastoid empyema.
- sclerosing m. a chronic m. in which the trabeculae are greatly thickened, tending to obliterate the cells.

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mas·toid·itis .mas-.tȯid-'īt-əs n, pl -it·i·des -'it-ə-.dēz inflammation of the mastoid and esp. of the mastoid cells

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inflammation of the mastoid process behind the ear and of the air space (mastoid antrum) connecting it to the cavity of the middle ear. It is usually caused by bacterial infection that spreads from the middle ear (see otitis). Usually the infection responds to antibiotics, but surgery (see mastoidectomy) may be required in severe cases.

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mas·toid·itis (mas″toid-iґtis) inflammation of the mastoid antrum and air cells, sometimes as a result of otitis media.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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