Infection with protozoan parasites of the genus Sarcocystis.

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sar·co·cys·to·sis -sis-'tō-səs n infestation with or disease caused by sporozoan protozoans of the genus Sarcocystis called also sarcosporidiosis

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sar·co·cys·to·sis (sahr″ko-sis-toґsis) infection with protozoa of the genus Sarcocystis, which in humans is usually asymptomatic or manifested either by muscle cysts associated with myositis or myocarditis or by intestinal infection. It is usually transmitted by the eating of raw or undercooked beef or pork containing sporocysts of the parasites or by ingestion of sporocysts from the feces of an infected animal, usually in contaminated soil. Heavy infections in cattle and other animals may be associated with anorexia, emaciation, fever, nervousness, lameness, hypersalivation, anemia, and abortion. Called also sarcosporidiasis and sarcosporidiosis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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