Common name for members of the order Pseudophyllidea.

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  • Pseudophyllidea — Taxobox name = Pseudophyllidea regnum = Animalia phylum = Platyhelminthes classis = Cestoda ordo = Pseudophyllidea Pseudophyllid cestodes (order pseudophyllidea) are a kind of flatworm with multiple segments (proglottids) and two bothria or… …   Wikipedia

  • Spirometra — A genus of pseudophyllid tapeworms. [G. speira, coil, + metra, womb (uterus)] S. mansoni a species of pseudophyllid tapeworms of wild and feral cats, the larval form of which (sparganum) may survive in human tissues; it has been commonly found in …   Medical dictionary

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  • Bothriocephalus — A genus of pseudophyllid tapeworms with both plerocercoid and adult stages in fishes; sometimes historically confused with Diphyllobothrium. [G. bothrion, dim. of bothros, pit or trench, + kephale, head] B. cordatus a tapeworm species common in… …   Medical dictionary

  • cercomer — The caudal appendage of a larval cestode, the procercoid stage of pseudophyllid cestodes; it may also be found on the cysticercoid larvae of taenioid cestodes, as well as in many of the hymenolepidids ( e.g., Hymenolepis nana). This appendage… …   Medical dictionary

  • coracidium — The ciliated first stage aquatic embryo of pseudophyllid and other cestodes with aquatic cycles; within the ciliated embryophore is a hooked larva, the hexacanth, that develops in the intermediate host, usually an …   Medical dictionary

  • embryophore — A membrane or wall around the hexacanth embryo of tapeworms, forming the inner portion of the eggshell. In the genus Taenia, the e. is exceptionally thick, with radial striations that form a highly protective structure; in the …   Medical dictionary

  • metacestode — The larval stages of a tapeworm, including the metamorphosis of the oncosphere to the first evidence of sexuality in the adult worm, differentiation of the scolex, and beginning of proglottid formation; it includes the …   Medical dictionary

  • tapeworm — An intestinal parasitic worm, adults of which are found in the intestine of vertebrates; the term is commonly restricted to members of the class Cestoidea. Tapeworms consist of a scolex, variously equipped with spined or sucking structures by… …   Medical dictionary

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