The ciliated first-stage aquatic embryo of pseudophyllid and other cestodes with aquatic cycles; within the ciliated embryophore is a hooked larva, the hexacanth, that develops in the intermediate host, usually an aquatic crustacean, into the next larval stage, the procercoid.

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cor·a·cid·i·um .kȯr-ə-'sid-ē-əm n, pl -cid·ia -dē-ə the oncosphere of a tapeworm at about the time of hatching while still surrounded by the embryophore

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cor·a·cid·i·um (kor″ə-sidґe-əm) pl. coracidґia [L.] The individual free-swimming or free-crawling, spherical, ciliated embryo of tapeworms of the order Pseudophyllidea.

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