Bovine serum protein that, when absorbed by erythrocyte-antibody-complement complexes, causes them to agglutinate; it is comparatively thermostable and apparently dissociates when diluted with physiologic saline solution. SYN: bovine colloid.

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con·glu·ti·nin kən-'glüt-ən-ən, (')kän- n a heat-stable protein of bovine serum that combines with red blood cells which have been treated with antibody and that causes rapid strong agglutination followed by lysis

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con·glu·ti·nin (kən-glooґtĭ-nin) a nonimmunoglobulin bovine serum protein that aggregates immune complexes with conglutinogen activity (inactivated C3b) in the presence of divalent cations. It has been used as an indicator system, replacing complement fixation, in serologic tests, and in the detection of immune complexes. Not to be confused with immunoconglutinin.

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