immune conglutinin

immune conglutinin

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  • conglutinin — Bovine serum protein that, when absorbed by erythrocyte antibody complement complexes, causes them to agglutinate; it is comparatively thermostable and apparently dissociates when diluted with physiologic saline solution. SYN: bovine colloid. * * …   Medical dictionary

  • immunoconglutinin — An autoantibody like immunoglobulin (IgM) formed in animals (or man) against their own complement following injection of complement containing complexes or sensitized bacteria. * * * im·mu·no·con·glu·ti·nin kən glüt ən in n an autoantibody formed …   Medical dictionary

  • Collectin — Collectins are soluble pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) belonging to the superfamily of collagen containing C type lectins. Eight collectins have been identified including mannan binding lectin (MBL), surfactant protein A (SP A), surfactant… …   Wikipedia

  • conglutination reaction — a characteristic agglutination reaction obtained by a mixture of conglutinin, cells (e.g., bacteria or red cells), fresh complement, and a cell specific immune serum from which the agglutinins have been removed by absorption. See conglutinin …   Medical dictionary

  • conglutinogen — con·glu·ti·no·gen (kən glooґtĭ no jən) the capacity of certain immune complexes to react with conglutinin due to the fixation of the complement component C3 and the subsequent inactivation of C3b by factor I (formerly called… …   Medical dictionary

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