benign epithelial odontogenic tumor

benign epithelial odontogenic tumor
squamous odontogenic t.

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  • calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor — a rare, benign type of odontogenic tumor, usually of the mandible, believed to arise from epithelial elements of the enamel organ. It is slow growing but potentially invasive and is characterized histologically by sheets of polyhedral epithelial… …   Medical dictionary

  • squamous odontogenic tumor — a benign epithelial odontogenic tumor in the mandible or maxilla, believed to derive from transformation of Malassez rests; it is characterized by islands of mature squamous epithelium surrounded by flattened or cuboidal cells …   Medical dictionary

  • adenomatoid odontogenic tumor — a benign odontogenic tumor characterized by ductlike or glandlike arrangements of columnar epithelial cells; it usually occurs in the anterior jaw region in children and young adults. Formerly called adenoameloblastoma. Adenomatoid odontogenic… …   Medical dictionary

  • tumor — 1. Any swelling or tumefaction. 2. SYN: neoplasm. 3. One of the four signs of inflammation (t., calor, dolor, rubor) enunciated by Celsus. [L. t., a swelling] acinar cell t. a …   Medical dictionary

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  • fibroma — A benign neoplasm derived from fibrous connective tissue. [fibro + G. oma, tumor] ameloblastic f. a benign mixed odontogenic tumor characterized by neoplastic proliferation of both epithelial and mesenchymal components …   Medical dictionary

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  • ameloblastoma — A benign odontogenic epithelial neoplasm that histologically mimics the embryonal enamel organ but does not differentiate to the point of forming dental hard tissues; it behaves as a slowly growing expansile radiolucent tumor, occurs most… …   Medical dictionary

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