A benign neoplasm derived from fibrous connective tissue. [fibro- + G. -oma, tumor]
- ameloblastic f. a benign mixed odontogenic tumor characterized by neoplastic proliferation of both epithelial and mesenchymal components of the tooth bud without the production of dental hard tissue; presents clinically as a slow-growing painless radiolucency occurring most commonly in the mandible of children and adolescents.
- aponeurotic f. a calcifying recurrent non-metastasizing but infiltrating f. seen most frequently on the palms of young people as a small firm nodule not attached to the overlying skin.
- cementoossifying f. a form of f. with cementicles and bone rimmed with osteoblasts in moderately cellular stroma.
- central ossifying f. a painless, slow-growing, expansile, sharply circumscribed benign fibro-osseus tumor of the jaws that is derived from cells of the periodontal ligament; presents initially as a radiolucency that becomes progressively more opaque as it matures.
- chondromyxoid f. an uncommon benign bone tumor, occurring most frequently in the tibia of adolescents and young adults, composed of lobulated myxoid tissue with scanty chondroid foci. SYN: chondrofibroma, chondromyxoma.
- concentric f. a benign neoplasm, actually a leiomyoma, that occupies the entire circumference of the wall of the uterus.
- desmoplastic f. a benign fibrous tumor of bone affecting children and young adults; cortical destruction may result.
- giant cell f. a tumor of the oral mucosa composed of fibrous connective tissue with large stellate and multinucleate fibroblasts; shares a similar histology with the retrocuspid papilla, fibrous papule of the nose, pearly penile papule, and the ungual f..
- irritation f. a slow-growing nodule on the oral mucosa, composed of fibrous tissue covered by epithelium, resulting from mechanical irritation by dentures, fillings, cheek biting, etc.
- f. molle SYN: skin tag.
- f. molle gravidarum skin tags or polyps that develop on women during pregnancy and often disappear at term.
- f. myxomatodes SYN: myxofibroma.
- nonossifying f. a loculated osteolytic focus of cellular fibrous tissue, slightly expanding a bone, usually near the end of a long bone in older children; similar to fibrous cortical defect, although larger.
- nonosteogenic f. SYN: fibrous cortical defect.
- odontogenic f. a rare odontogenic tumor found in soft tissue or as a central bony lesion. The tumor is composed of fibrous connective tissue, odontogenic epithelium, and sometimes calcification.
- peripheral ossifying f. a reactive focal gingival overgrowth derived histogenetically from cells of the periodontal ligament and usually developing in response to local irritants (plaque and calculus) on associated teeth; consists microscopically of a hyperplastic cellular fibrous stroma supporting deposits of bone, cementum, or dystrophic calcification.
- periungual f. multiple smooth firm nodules formed at the nail folds, often over 10 mm in length, which appear at or after puberty in some patients with tuberous sclerosis.
- rabbit f. SYN: Shope f..
- recurring digital f. of childhood multiple fibrous flesh-colored nodules on the extensor aspect of the terminal phalanges of adjacent digits of infants and young children that often recur after attempted excision, do not metastasize, and may spontaneously regress in two to three years; composed of spindle cells containing cytoplasmic inclusions believed to be derived from myofibrils. SYN: infantile digital fibromatosis.
- Shope f. a connective tissue tumor of cottontail rabbits caused by a poxvirus of the genus Leporipoxvirus and found by Shope to be transmissible with cellular suspensions or Berkefeld filtrates; it is related to myxomatosis and is used in Europe as a source of vaccine to protect against the myxoma virus. SYN: rabbit f..
- telangiectatic f. a benign neoplasm of fibrous tissue in which there are numerous small and large, frequently dilated vascular channels. SYN: angiofibroma.

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fi·bro·ma fī-'brō-mə n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə a benign tumor consisting mainly of fibrous tissue
fi·bro·ma·tous -mət-əs adj

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n. (pl. fibromas or fibromata)
a nonmalignant tumour of connective tissue.

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fi·bro·ma (fi-broґmə) pl. fibromas, fibroґmata [fibr- + -oma] a tumor composed mainly of fibrous or fully developed connective tissue; called also fibroid and fibroid tumor. fibromatous adj

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