A benign odontogenic epithelial neoplasm that histologically mimics the embryonal enamel organ but does not differentiate to the point of forming dental hard tissues; it behaves as a slowly growing expansile radiolucent tumor, occurs most commonly in the posterior regions of the mandible, and has a marked tendency to recur if inadequately excised. [ameloblast + G. -oma, tumor]

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am·e·lo·blas·to·ma .am-ə-lō-bla-'stō-mə n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə a tumor of the jaw derived from remnants of the embryonic rudiment of tooth enamel called also adamantinoma

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a locally malignant tumour in the jaw. It is considered to develop from ameloblasts although it does not contain enamel.

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am·e·lo·blas·to·ma (am″ə-lo-blas-toґmə) [ameloblast + -oma] a type of odontogenic tumor of tissue characteristic of the enamel organ but not differentiated to the point of enamel formation; it usually originates in the mandibular molar-ramus area and is usually benign but locally invasive. Ameloblastomas are often classified on the basis of histologic appearance, the most common subtypes being follicular, cystic, acanthomatous, plexiform, basal cell, and granular cell; they are also sometimes classified as multicystic versus unicystic. Called also adamantinoma.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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