Rathke pocket

Rathke pocket
see under pouch.

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  • rathke's pouch — ˈrätkəz noun also rathke s pocket Usage: usually capitalized R Etymology: after Martin H. Rathke died 1860 German anatomist : a pouch of ectoderm that grows out from the upper surface of the embryonic stomodaeum and gives rise to the anterior… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Rathke's pouch — Rath·ke s pouch rät kəz n a pouch of ectoderm that grows out from the upper surface of the embryonic stomodeum and gives rise to the adenohypophysis of the pituitary gland called also Rathke s pocket Rathke Martin Heinrich (1793 1860) German… …   Medical dictionary

  • pocket — 1. A cul de sac or pouchlike cavity. 2. A diseased gingival attachment; a space between the inflamed gum and the surface of a tooth, limited apically by an epithelial attachment. 3. To enclose within a confined space, as the …   Medical dictionary

  • Rathke's pouch — /raht keuhz/, Embryol. an invagination of stomodeal ectoderm developing into the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Also called Rathke s pocket. [1940 45; named after Martin Heinrich Rathke (1793 1860), German anatomist] * * * …   Universalium

  • rathke's pocket — noun see rathke s pouch …   Useful english dictionary

  • Rathke — Martin H., German anatomist, physiologist, and pathologist, 1793–1860. See R. bundles, under bundle, R. cleft cyst, R. diverticulum, R. pocket, R. pouch, R. pouch tumor …   Medical dictionary

  • Diverticulum — A small bulging sac pushing outward from the colon wall is a diverticulum. As a person ages, pressure within the large intestine (colon) causes pockets of tissue (sacs) that push out from the colon walls. The plural is diverticula. Diverticula… …   Medical dictionary

  • duct — A tubular structure giving exit to the secretion of a gland or organ, capable of conducting fluid. SEE ALSO: canal. SYN: ductus [TA]. [L. duco, pp. ductus, to lead] aberrant ducts SYN: aberrant ductules, under ductule …   Medical dictionary

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  • pouch — A pocket or cul de sac. SEE ALSO: fossa, recess, sac. antral p. a p. made in the antrum of the stomach of experimental animals. branchial pouches SYN: pharyngeal pouches. Broca p. SYN: puden …   Medical dictionary

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