A pocket or cul-de-sac. SEE ALSO: fossa, recess, sac.
- antral p. a p. made in the antrum of the stomach of experimental animals.
- branchial pouches SYN: pharyngeal pouches.
- Broca p. SYN: pudendal sac.
- deep perineal p. SYN: deep perineal space.
- Denis Browne p. a pocket formed between Scarpa and external oblique fascia adjacent to external inguinal ring; a common lodging site for undescended testes (as in cryptorchism). SYN: superficial inguinal p..
- p. of Douglas SYN: rectouterine p..
- Douglas p. SYN: rectouterine p..
- endodermal pouches SYN: pharyngeal pouches.
- Hartmann p. a spheroid or conical p. at the junction of the neck of the gallbladder and the cystic duct. SYN: ampulla of gallbladder, fossa provesicalis, pelvis of gallbladder.
- Heidenhain p. a small sac or p. of the stomach, vagally denervated and closed off from the main cavity but with an opening through the abdominal wall, fashioned for the purpose of obtaining gastric juice and for studying gastric secretion in physiologic experiments.
- hypophyseal p. SYN: pituitary diverticulum.
- ileoanal p. (il′e-o-a′nal) a p. constructed from the ileum and anastomosed to the proximal anus for restoration of continence after proctocolectomy.
- Kock p. a continent ileostomy with a reservoir and valved opening fashioned from doubled loops of ileum. SYN: Kock ileostomy.
- laryngeal p. SYN: laryngeal saccule.
- Morison p. SYN: hepatorenal recess of subhepatic space.
- paracystic p. SYN: paravesical fossa.
- pararectal p. SYN: pararectal fossa.
- paravesical p. SYN: paravesical fossa.
- Pavlov p. a section of the stomach of a dog, retaining its vagal innervation but shut off from all communication with the main part of the organ and connected with the outside by a fistula; used in studies of gastric secretions. SYN: miniature stomach, Pavlov stomach.
- pharyngeal pouches paired evaginations of embryonic pharyngeal endoderm, between the branchial arches, extending toward the corresponding ectodermally lined branchial grooves; during development they evolve into epithelial tissues and organs, such as thymus and thyroid glands. SYN: branchial pouches, endodermal pouches.
- Physick pouches proctitis with mucous discharge and burning pain, involving especially the sacculations between the rectal valves.
- Prussak p. SYN: superior recess of tympanic membrane.
- Rathke p. SYN: pituitary diverticulum.
- rectouterine p. [TA] a pocket formed by the deflection of the peritoneum from the rectum to the uterus. SYN: excavatio rectouterina [TA], cavum douglasi, cul-de-sac (2), Douglas cul-de-sac, Douglas p., p. of Douglas, rectovaginouterine p..
- rectovaginouterine p. SYN: rectouterine p..
- rectovesical p. [TA] a pocket formed by the deflection of the peritoneum from the rectum to the bladder in the male. SYN: excavatio rectovesicalis [TA], Proust space.
- Seessel p. Seessel pocket.
- superficial inguinal p. SYN: Denis Browne p..
- ultimobranchial p. a transient fifth pharyngeal p.; it is now considered to be incorporated into the caudal pharyngeal complex, the cells of which become the parafollicular cells (C cells) of the thyroid.
- vesicouterine p. [TA] a pocket formed by the deflection of the peritoneum from the bladder to the body of the uterus in the female. SYN: excavatio vesicouterina [TA], cavum vesicouterinum, uterovesical p..
- Willis p. obsolete term for lesser omentum

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pouch 'pau̇ch n an anatomical structure resembling a bag or pocket <a blind gastric \pouch filled with bile and gastric juice (Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc.)>

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1. (in anatomy) a small sac-like structure, especially occurring as an outgrowth of a larger structure. The pouch of Douglas is a pouch of peritoneum occupying the space between the rectum and uterus.
2. (in surgery) a sac created from a loop of intestine and used to replace a section of rectum that has been surgically removed, for example for ulcerative colitis (see ileal pouch), or to replace the bladder after cystectomy.

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(pouch) a bag or similar space; see also cavity, pocket, recess, and sac.

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