synovial fold infrapatellar

synovial fold infrapatellar
plica synovialis infrapatellaris.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • infrapatellar — Inferior to the patella; denoting especially a bursa, a pad of fat, or a synovial fold. SYN: subpatellar (2). * * * in·fra·pa·tel·lar .in frə pə tel ər adj situated below the patella or its ligament <the infrapatellar bursa of the knee> * * …   Medical dictionary

  • fold — 1. A ridge or margin apparently formed by the doubling back of a lamina. SYN: plica. 2. In the embryo, a transient elevation or reduplication of tissue in the form of a lamina …   Medical dictionary

  • plica — [TA] SYN: fold (1). [Mod. L. a plait or fold] plicae adiposae pleurae SYN: fatty folds of pleura, under fold. plicae alares plicae synovialis infrapatellaris SYN: alar folds of intrapatellar synovial fold, under fold. plicae ampullares tubae… …   Medical dictionary

  • plica synovialis mediopatellaris — mediopatellar synovial fold: a fold of synovial membrane in the knee joint, extending obliquely along the medial wall of the joint and inserting on the synovial lining of the infrapatellar fat pad …   Medical dictionary

  • plica synovialis infrapatellaris — [TA] infrapatellar synovial fold: a large process of synovial membrane, containing some fat, which projects into the knee joint; attached to the infrapatellar adipose body, it passes posteriorly and superiorly to the intercondylar fossa of the… …   Medical dictionary

  • fat-pad — An accumulation of somewhat encapsulated adipose tissue. SYN: corpus adiposum [TA], fat body. Bichat fat pad SYN: buccal fat pad. buccal fat pad an encapsuled mass of fat in the cheek on the outer side of the buccinator …   Medical dictionary

  • plicae alares — [TA] alar folds: a pair of folds of the synovial membrane of the knee joint; attached to the medial and lateral margins of the articular surface of the patella, they pass posteriorly, converge, and become continuous with the infrapatellar… …   Medical dictionary

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