An accumulation of somewhat encapsulated adipose tissue. SYN: corpus adiposum [TA], fat body.
- Bichat fat-pad SYN: buccal fat-pad.
- buccal fat-pad an encapsuled mass of fat in the cheek on the outer side of the buccinator muscle, especially marked in the infant; supposed to strengthen and support the cheek during the act of sucking. SYN: corpus adiposum buccae [TA], Bichat fat-pad, Bichat protuberance, fat body of cheek, sucking cushion, sucking pad, suctorial pad.
- Imlach fat-pad fat surrounding the round ligament of the uterus in the inguinal canal.
- infrapatellar fat-pad [TA] the fatty mass that occupies the area between the patellar ligament and the infrapatellar synovial fold of the knee joint. SYN: corpus adiposum infrapatellare [TA], infrapatellar fat body.
- ischiorectal fat-pad SYN: fat body of ischioanal fossa.
- orbital fat-pad SYN: retrobulbar fat.

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