Chiari deformity

Chiari deformity
see under malformation.

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  • Arnold-Chiari deformity — noun deformity in which part of the brain protrudes through the skull • Hypernyms: ↑deformity, ↑malformation, ↑misshapenness …   Useful english dictionary

  • Chiari malformation — a congenital anomaly in which the cerebellum and medulla oblongata, which is elongated and flattened, protrude into the spinal canal through the foramen magnum. It is classified into three types according to severity: type I involves prolapse of… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Chiari network (reticulum) malformation (deformity) syndrome (disease) — Chi·a·ri network (reticulum), malformation (deformity), syndrome (disease) (ke ahґrē) [Hans Chiari, Austrian pathologist, 1851–1916] see under network and malformation, and see Budd Chiari syndrome, under syndrome …   Medical dictionary

  • deformity — A permanent structural deviation from the normal shape, size, or alignment, resulting in disfigurement; may be congenital or acquired. SEE ALSO: deformation (1). Åkerlund d. indentation (incisura) with niche of duodenal …   Medical dictionary

  • Chiari — Johann B., German obstetrician, 1817–1854. See C. Frommel syndrome. Hans, German pathologist, 1851–1916. See Arnold C. deformity, Arnold C. malformation, Arnold C. syndrome, C. disease, C. net, C. syndrome, C. II syndrome, C. Budd syndrome, Budd… …   Medical dictionary

  • Arnold-Chiari malformation — a congenital disorder in which there is distortion of the base of the skull with protrusion of the lower brainstem and parts of the cerebellum through the opening for the spinal cord at the base of the skull. It is associated commonly with neural …   Medical dictionary

  • Arnold-Chiari malformation (deformity syndrome) — Ar·nold Chi·a·ri malformation (deformity, syndrome) (ahrґnəld ke ahґre) [Julius Arnold, German pathologist, 1835–1915; Hans Chiari, Austrian pathologist, 1851–1916] see under malformation …   Medical dictionary

  • Arnold — Julius, German pathologist, 1835–1915. See A. bodies, under body, A. Chiari deformity, A. Chiari malformation, A. Chiari syndrome. Friedrich, German anatomist, 1803–1890. See A. bundle, A. canal, A. ganglion, A. nerve, A. tract, foramen of A …   Medical dictionary

  • malformation — Failure of proper or normal development; more specifically, a primary structural defect that results from a localized error of morphogenesis; e.g., cleft lip. Cf.:deformation. Arnold Chiari m. malformed posterior …   Medical dictionary

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