pacchionian corpuscles

pacchionian corpuscles
granulationes arachnoideae.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • corpuscle — 1. A small mass or body. 2. A blood cell. SYN: corpusculum. [L. corpusculum, dim. of corpus, body] amnionic c. SYN: corpus amylaceum. amylaceous c., amyloid c. SYN: corpus amylaceum. articular corpuscles …   Medical dictionary

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  • granulationes arachnoideae — [TA] granulationes arachnoideales arachnoid granulations: small elevations, visible to the naked eye, thought by some to be enlargements of arachnoid villi, which project into the superior sagittal sinus and associated venous lacunae and create… …   Medical dictionary

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