That part of the healing process in which rough, pink tissue containing new connective tissue and capillaries forms around the edges of a wound. Granulation of a wound is normal and desirable.
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1. Formation into grains or granules; the state of being granular. 2. A granular mass in or on the surface of any organ or membrane; or one of the individual granules forming the mass. 3. The formation of minute, rounded, fleshy connective tissue projections on the surface of a wound, ulcer, or inflamed tissue surface in the process of healing; one of the fleshy granules composing this surface. SEE ALSO: g. tissue. 4. In pharmacy, the formation of crystals by constant agitation of a supersaturated solution of a salt; product used in the manufacture of tablets for oral use. SYN: granulatio. [L. granulatio]
- arachnoid granulations [TA] tufted prolongations of pia-arachnoid, composed of numerous arachnoid villi that penetrate dural venous sinuses and effect transfer of cerebrospinal fluid to the venous system. At advanced age these are more numerous and tend to calcify. SYN: arachnoidal granulations [TA], granulationes arachnoideae [TA], pacchionian bodies, pacchionian corpuscles, pacchionian glands, pacchionian granulations.
- arachnoidal granulations [TA] SYN: arachnoid granulations.
- pacchionian granulations SYN: arachnoid granulations.

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gran·u·la·tion .gran-yə-'lā-shən n
1) the act or process of granulating: the condition of being granulated
2 a) one of the small elevations of a granulated surface: (1) a minute mass of tissue projecting from the surface of an organ (as on the eyelids in trachoma) (2) one of the minute red granules made up of loops of newly formed capillaries that form on a raw surface (as of a wound) and that with fibroblasts are the active agents in the process of healing see GRANULATION TISSUE
b) the act or process of forming such elevations or granules

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the formation of a multicellular mass of tissue (granulation tissue) in response to an injury: this is an essential part of the healing process. Granulation tissue contains many new blood vessels and, in its later stages, large numbers of fibroblasts. The response is most frequently seen in healing open wounds and in the bases of ulcers.

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gran·u·la·tion (gran″u-laґshən) [L. granulatio] 1. the process of forming granulation tissue. 2. the process of forming cytoplasmic granules. 3. granule (def. 1). 4. any granular material on the surface of a tissue, membrane, or organ. the rendering of hard or metallic substances into granules or grains.

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