A twin without a heart that remains viable by using the placental circulation of its mate.
- a. acephalus acephalocardius; an acardiac conceptus in which the head and thoracic organs are absent; ribs and vertebrae may be present, and upper limbs are either absent or defective.
- a. amorphus a shapeless product of conception covered by skin and hair.
- a. anceps an acardiac fetus with partly developed head and deformed face, trunk, and limbs.

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acar·dius (')ā-'kärd-ē-əs n one of a pair of twin fetuses that is formed without a heart and that is usu. joined to the other fetus on which it depends for its circulation

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acar·di·us (a-kahrґde-əs) [a-1 + cardia] an imperfectly formed free twin fetus, lacking a heart and invariably lacking other body parts as well; called also fetus acardiacus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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