Pertaining to the presence of one or more vesicles. A vesicle is a small blister. A vesicular rash features small blisters on the skin. Vesicles also occur on the mucous membranes, as in the buccal mucosa (the lining of the mouth). In anatomy, a vesicle is any small pouch. For example, the seminal vesicles are a pair of pouch-like structures about five cm (2 inches) long located behind the bladder and above the prostate gland that contribute fluid to the ejaculate. The word "vesicular" comes from the Latin diminutive "vesiculum" meaning a small bag or bladder.
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1. Relating to a vesicle. 2. Characterized by or containing vesicles. SYN: vesiculate (2).

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ve·sic·u·lar və-'sik-yə-lər, ve- adj
1) characterized by the presence or formation of vesicles <a \vesicular rash>
2) having the form of a vesicle <a \vesicular lesion>

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ve·sic·u·lar (və-sikґu-lər) 1. pertaining to or composed of vesicles. 2. having a low pitch; said of a breath sound.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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