marsh·mal·low 'märsh-.mel-ō, -.mel-ə(-w), -.mal- n a European perennial herb of the genus Althaea (A. officinalis) naturalized in the eastern U.S. whose pink flowers, velvety leaves, and mucilaginous root are used in herbal medicine and whose root was formerly used in confectionary see ALTHAEA (2)

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marsh·mal·low (mahrshґmel″o) (-mal″o) 1. a perennial Eurasian herb, Althaea officinalis, having clusters of pink flowers and a long, thick, mucilaginous root; the flowers, leaves, syrup, and roots are used medicinally. 2. a preparation of A. officinalis, used in the treatment of cough and for irritation of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa; it also has a variety of uses in folk medicine.

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