lymph nodule

lymph nodule
lymph nodule n a small simple lymph node

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  • lymph nodule — ▪ anatomy       small, localized collection of lymphoid tissue, usually located in the loose connective tissue beneath wet epithelial (covering or lining) membranes, as in the digestive system, respiratory system, and urinary bladder. Lymph… …   Universalium

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  • Lymph node — A Lymph node (] MedullaThere are two named structures in the medulla: * The medullary cords are cords of lymphatic tissue, and include plasma cells and B cells * The medullary sinuses (or sinusoids ) are vessel like spaces separating the… …   Wikipedia

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  • lymphatic nodule — lymphoid nodule a small, dense accumulation of lymphocytes expressing tissue cytogenetic and defense functions; it may be encapsulated within lymph node cortex or may be dispersed in epithelial tissue, as in the intestine and tonsils …   Medical dictionary

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