A small solid collection of tissue, a nodule is palpable (can be felt). It may range in size from greater than 1.0 cm (3/8 inch) to somewhat less than 2 cm (13/16 inch) in diameter. A nodule may be present in the epidermis, dermis or subcutis (at any level in the skin). The word “nodule” is the diminutive of “node” (a knot or knob) so a “nodule” means “a little knot or knob.”
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A small node; in skin, a node up to 1.0 cm in diameter, solid, with palpable depth. SYN: nodulus (1) [TA]. [L. nodulus, dim. of nodus, knot]
- aggregated lymphatic nodules SYN: aggregated lymphoid nodules of small intestine.
- aggregated lymphoid nodules [TA] masses of lymphoid tissue in the submucous coat of the vermiform appendix. SYN: noduli lymphoidei aggregati appendicis vermiformis [TA], aggregated lymphatic follicles of vermiform appendix, folliculi lymphatici aggregati appendicis vermiformis.
- aggregated lymphoid nodules of small intestine [TA] collections of many lymphoid follicles closely packed together, forming oblong elevations on the mucous membrane of the ileum opposite the attachment of mesentary. SYN: aggregate glands, aggregated lymphatic follicles of small intestine, aggregated lymphatic nodules, agmen peyerianum, agminate glands, agminated glands, folliculi lymphatici aggregati, Peyer glands, Peyer patches.
- Albini nodules minute fibrous nodules on the margins of the mitral and tricuspid valves of the heart, sometimes present in the neonate and representing fetal tissue rests; described previously by Cruveilhier. Cf.:nodules of semilunar cusps.
- apple jelly nodules descriptive term for the papular lesions of lupus vulgaris, as they appear on diascopy.
- Arantius n. SYN: nodules of semilunar cusps.
- Aschoff nodules SYN: Aschoff bodies, under body.
- benign rheumatoid nodules SYN: pseudorheumatoid nodules.
- Bianchi n. SYN: nodules of semilunar cusps.
- Bohn nodules tiny multiple cysts in newborns. They are found at the junction of the hard and soft palates and along buccal and lingual parts of the dental ridges and are derived from epithelial remnants of mucous gland tissue.
- Busacca nodules inflammatory, granulomatous nodules located away from the pupillary margin of the iris.
- Caplan nodules SYN: Caplan syndrome.
- cold n. a thyroid n. with a much lower uptake of radioactive iodine than the surrounding parenchyma; about one in four prove to be malignant.
- Dalen-Fuchs nodules collections of epithelial cells lying between Bruch membrane and the retinal pigment epithelium in sympathetic ophthalmia and rarely in other granulomatous intraocular inflammations.
- enamel n. SYN: enameloma.
- Gamna-Gandy nodules SYN: Gamna-Gandy bodies, under body.
- gastric lymphoid nodules lymphoid tissue within the lamina propria which, especially in early life, collect in small masses similar to intestinal solitary lymphatic follicles. SYN: folliculi lymphatici gastrici.
- Hoboken nodules gross dilations on the outer surface of the umbilical arteries. SEE ALSO: Hoboken valves, under valve. SYN: Hoboken gemmules.
- hot n. a thyroid n. with a much higher uptake of radioactive iodine than the surrounding parenchyma; usually benign but sometimes causing hyperthyroidism.
- Jeanselme nodules a form of tertiary yaws that is characterized by the occurrence of nodules on the arms and legs, situated usually near the joints. SYN: juxta-articular nodules.
- juxta-articular nodules SYN: Jeanselme nodules.
- laryngeal lymphoid nodules small follicles located on the posterior aspect of the epiglottis and in the ventricle of the larynx. SYN: folliculi lymphatici laryngei, laryngeal tonsils, lymphatic follicles of larynx.
- Lisch n. iris hamartomas typically seen in type 1 neurofibromatosis. SYN: Sakurai-Lisch n..
- lymph n. SYN: lymphoid n..
- lymphatic n. SYN: lymphoid n..
- lymphoid n. one of the spherical masses of lymphoid cells, frequently having a more lightly staining center. See solitary lymphatic nodules, aggregated lymphoid nodules of small intestine. SYN: folliculus lymphaticus, lymph n., lymphatic n., nodulus lymphaticus.
- malpighian nodules SYN: splenic lymph follicles, under follicle.
- milkers' nodules an infection of cows' udders by pseudocowpox virus, a member of the Poxviridae, that is transmitted to the fingers and hands of milkers, producing nodules and lymphangitis, and occasionally widespread papular or papulovesicular eruptions; human infection is transferable to uninfected cows. SYN: milkers' nodes, paravaccinia, pseudocowpox.
- Morgagni n. SYN: nodules of semilunar cusps.
- picker's nodules lichenified skin nodules seen in prurigo nodularis.
- primary n. a lymphatic n. having small lymphocytes and lacking a germinal center.
- pseudorheumatoid nodules benign subcutaneous nodules of unknown etiology resembling rheumatoid nodules but not associated with rheumatic disease; may occur in multiple sites, such as the dorsa of the feet or hands, elbows, scalp, and pretibial area. Serologic tests for collagen vascular disease are negative. SYN: benign rheumatoid nodules.
- pulp n. SYN: endolith.
- rheumatoid nodules subcutaneous nodules, occurring most commonly over bony prominences, in some patients with rheumatoid arthritis; microscopically, the nodules are foci of fibrinoid necrosis, surrounded by a palisade of fibroblasts.
- Sakurai-Lisch n. SYN: Lisch n..
- Schmorl n. prolapse of the nucleus pulposus through the vertebral body endplate into the spongiosa of an adjacent vertebra.
- secondary n. a lymphatic n. having a germinal center.
- nodules of semilunar cusps [TA] a n. at the center of the free border of each semilunar valve at the beginning of the pulmonary artery and aorta. SYN: noduli valvularum semilunarium [TA], Arantius n., Bianchi n., corpus arantii, Morgagni n., n. of semilunar valve.
- n. of semilunar valve SYN: nodules of semilunar cusps.
- siderotic nodules SYN: Gamna-Gandy bodies, under body.
- singer's nodules SYN: vocal cord nodules.
- solitary nodules of intestine SYN: solitary lymphatic nodules.
- solitary lymphatic nodules [TA] minute collections of lymphoid tissue in the mucosa of the small and large intestines, being especially numerous in the cecum and appendix. SYN: noduli lymphoidei solitarii [TA], folliculi lymphatici solitarii, solitary follicles, solitary glands, solitary lymphatic follicles, solitary nodules of intestine.
- splenic lymph nodules SYN: splenic lymph follicles, under follicle.
- vocal cord nodules small, circumscribed, bilateral, beadlike enlargements on the free edge of the vocal cords at the junction of the anterior one-third and the posterior two-thirds caused by overuse or abuse of the voice; often reversible by voice therapy. SYN: singer's nodes, singer's nodules, teacher's nodes.

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nod·ule 'näj-(.)ü(ə)l n a small mass of rounded or irregular shape: as
a) a small abnormal knobby bodily protuberance (as a tumorous growth or a calcification near an arthritic joint)
b) the nodulus of the cerebellum

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a small swelling or aggregation of cells.

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nod·ule (nodґūl) [L. nodulus little knot] 1. a small boss or node that is solid and can be detected by touch. 2. on a radiograph of the lung, a discrete opacity less than 30 mm in diameter. 3. nodulus.

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