hy·droxy·pro·ges·ter·one hī-.dräk-sē-prō-'jes-tə-.rōn or 17à-hydroxyprogesterone .sev-ən-'ten-'al-fə- n a synthetic derivative of progesterone used esp. in the form of its caproate C27H40O4 in progestational therapy (as for amenorrhea and abnormal uterine bleeding)

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a synthetic female sex hormone (see progestogen) administered by injection to prevent miscarriage. There may be pain at the injection site, and progestogens taken by mouth are often preferred. Trade name: Proluton.

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hy·droxy·pro·ges·ter·one (hi-drok″se-pro-jesґtər-ōn) 17α-hydroxyprogesterone; an intermediate formed in the conversion of cholesterol to cortisol, androgens, and estrogens.

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