gingival papilla

gingival papilla
gingival papilla n INTERDENTAL PAPILLA

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  • papilla gingivalis — [TA] gingival papilla: a cone shaped pad of the interdental gingiva filling the space between two contiguous teeth up to the contact area, as viewed from the labial, buccal, or lingual aspect; called also interdental p., p. interdentalis [TA… …   Medical dictionary

  • papilla — Any small, nipplelike process. SYN: teat (3). [L. a nipple, dim. of papula, a pimple] acoustic p. SYN: spiral organ. basilar p. the auditory sense organ of birds, amphibians, and reptiles; homologous to the …   Medical dictionary

  • Gingival cyst of the adult — The gingival cyst of the adult is a cyst which arises from the rest cells of the dental lamina. It is most common in the mandible near the canines and premolars. Middle aged adults are more likely to be affected. It appears as a bluish swelling… …   Wikipedia

  • gingival abscess — a localized, painful, inflammatory lesion of the gingivae, usually limited to the marginal gingiva or interdental papilla. See also periodontal a …   Medical dictionary

  • Interdental papilla — The interdental papilla, also known as the gingival papilla, is that part of the gingiva that exists coronal to the free gingival margin on the buccal and lingual surfaces of the teeth.If damaged, either due to trauma or gum recession,… …   Wikipedia

  • interdental papilla — n the triangular wedge of gingiva between two adjacent teeth called also gingival papilla * * * p. gingivalis …   Medical dictionary

  • retromolar papilla — a small papilla of gingival tissue located at the foot of the ramus of the mandible and attached to the most inferior part of the anterior border of the ramus …   Medical dictionary

  • Septum — A word borrowed from the Latin "saeptum" meaning a "dividing wall or enclosure." * * * 1. [TA] A thin wall dividing two cavities or masses of softer tissue. See septal area, transparent s.. 2. In fungi, a wall; usually a cross …   Medical dictionary

  • bismuth line — a thin blue black line in the marginal gingiva around the teeth, sometimes confined to the gingival papilla, observed in bismuth poisoning. See also bismuth stomatitis, under stomatitis …   Medical dictionary

  • Gingiva — Gums redirects here. For other uses, see Gum (disambiguation). Gingiva Cross section of a tooth with visible gums, or gingiva Gray s …   Wikipedia

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