Any small, nipplelike process. SYN: teat (3). [L. a nipple, dim. of papula, a pimple]
- acoustic p. SYN: spiral organ.
- basilar p. the auditory sense organ of birds, amphibians, and reptiles; homologous to the organ of Corti in mammals.
- Bergmeister p. a small mass of glial tissue that forms during fetal life a temporary conical investment of the hyaloid artery at its emergence into the vitreous chamber; vestiges of it may persist as a prepapillary membrane.
- bile p. SYN: major duodenal p..
- p. of breast SYN: nipple.
- circumvallate papillae SYN: vallate papillae.
- clavate papillae SYN: fungiform papillae.
- conic papillae SYN: conical papillae.
- papillae conicae SYN: conical papillae.
- conical papillae numerous projections on the dorsum of the tongue, scattered among the filiform papillae and similar to them, but shorter. SYN: conic papillae, papillae conicae.
- papillae corii p. of dermis.
- papillae of corium p. of dermis.
- dental p. [TA] a projection of the mesenchymal tissue of the developing jaw into the cup of the enamel organ; its outer layer becomes a layer of specialized columnar cells, the odontoblasts, that form the dentin of the tooth. SYN: p. dentis [TA], dentinal p..
- dentinal p. SYN: dental p..
- p. dentis [TA] SYN: dental p..
- dermal papillae SYN: p. of dermis.
- papillae dermis [TA] SYN: p. of dermis.
- p. of dermis [TA] the superficial projections of the dermis (corium) that interdigitate with recesses in the overlying epidermis; they contain vascular loops and specialized nerve endings, and are arranged in ridgelike lines best developed in the hand and foot. SYN: papillae dermis [TA], papillae corii, papillae of corium, dermal papillae.
- p. ductus parotidei [TA] SYN: p. of parotid gland.
- p. duodeni major [TA] SYN: major duodenal p..
- p. duodeni minor [TA] SYN: minor duodenal p..
- filiform papillae [TA] numerous elongated conical keratinized projections on the dorsum of the tongue. SYN: papillae filiformes [TA].
- papillae filiformes [TA] SYN: filiform papillae.
- papillae foliatae [TA] SYN: foliate papillae.
- foliate papillae [TA] numerous projections arranged in several transverse folds upon the lateral margins of the tongue just in front of the palatoglossus muscle. SYN: papillae foliatae [TA], folia linguae.
- fungiform papillae [TA] numerous minute elevations on the dorsum of the tongue, of a fancied mushroom shape, the tip being broader than the base; the epithelium of many of these papillae has taste buds. SYN: papillae fungiformes [TA], clavate papillae.
- papillae fungiformes [TA] SYN: fungiform papillae.
- gingival p. [TA] thickening (seen as an elevation) of the gingiva that fills the interproximal space between two adjacent teeth. SYN: p. gingivalis [TA], interdental p., p. interdentalis, gingival septum, interproximal p..
- p. gingivalis [TA] SYN: gingival p..
- hair p. a knoblike indentation of the bottom of the hair follicle, upon which the hair bulb fits like a cap; it is derived from the corium and contains vascular loops for the nourishment of the hair root. SYN: p. pili.
- ileal p. [TA] seen in the cadaver as a bilabial prominence of the terminal ileum protruding into the large intestine at the cecocolic junction; in the living individual, it appears as a truncated cone with a star-shaped orifice. SYN: p. ilealis [TA], valva ileocecalis [TA], Bauhin valve, ileocecal eminence, ileocecal valve, ileocolic valve, Tulp valve, Tulpius valve, valve of Varolius.
- p. ilealis [TA] SYN: ileal p..
- p. incisiva [TA] SYN: incisive p..
- incisive p. [TA] a slight elevation of the mucosa at the anterior extremity of the raphe of the palate. SYN: p. incisiva [TA], palatine p..
- p. interdentalis gingival p..
- interproximal p. SYN: gingival p..
- lacrimal p. [TA] a slight projection from the margin of each eyelid near the medial commissure, in the center of which is the lacrimal punctum (opening of the lacrimal duct). SYN: p. lacrimalis [TA].
- p. lacrimalis [TA] SYN: lacrimal p..
- lenticular papillae SYN: folliculi linguales, under folliculus.
- lingual papillae 1. SYN: papillae of tongue. 2. SYN: lingual gingival p..
- lingual gingival p. the lingual portions of the gingiva filling the interproximal space between adjacent teeth; in molar and premolar areas, there may be separate lingual and buccal interdental papillae. SYN: lingual interdental p., lingual papillae (2).
- p. lingualis, pl.papillae linguales SYN: papillae of tongue.
- major duodenal p. [TA] point of opening of the common bile duct and pancreatic duct into the duodenum; it is located posteriorly in the descending part of the duodenum. SYN: p. duodeni major [TA], bile p., p. of Vater, Santorini major caruncle.
- p. mammae [TA] SYN: nipple.
- minor duodenal p. [TA] the site of the opening of the accessory pancreatic duct into the duodenum, located anterior to and slightly superior to the major p.. SYN: p. duodeni minor [TA], Santorini minor caruncle.
- nerve p. one of the papillae in the dermis containing a tactile corpuscle or other form of end organ. SYN: neurothele.
- p. nervi optici SYN: optic disk.
- optic p. (p) SYN: optic disk.
- palatine p. SYN: incisive p..
- parotid p. SYN: p. of parotid gland.
- p. parotidea SYN: p. of parotid gland.
- p. of parotid gland [TA] the projection at the opening of the parotid duct into the vestibule of the mouth opposite the neck of the upper second molar tooth. SYN: p. ductus parotidei [TA], p. parotidea, parotid p..
- p. pili SYN: hair p..
- renal p. [TA] the apex of a renal pyramid that projects into a minor calyx; some 10–25 openings of papillary ducts occur on its tip, forming the area cribrosa. SYN: p. renalis [TA].
- p. renalis, pl.papillae renales [TA] SYN: renal p..
- retrocuspid p. a small tissue tag located on the mandibular gingiva lingual to the cuspid teeth; usually occurs bilaterally, is more commonly identified in children, and is considered a normal anatomic structure.
- tactile p. one of the papillae of the dermis containing a tactile cell or corpuscle.
- papillae of tongue [TA] numerous variously shaped projections of the mucous membrane of the dorsum of the tongue; includes filiform, foliate, fungiform, and vallate papillae. SYN: lingual papillae (1), p. lingualis.
- urethral p., p. urethralis the slight projection often present in the vestibule of the vagina marking the urethral orifice.
- papillae vallatae, pl.papillae vallatae [TA] SYN: vallate papillae.
- vallate papillae [TA] one of eight or ten projections from the dorsum of the tongue forming a row anterior to and parallel with the sulcus terminalis; each p. is surrounded by a circular trench (fossa) having a slightly raised outer wall (vallum); on the sides of the vallate p. and the opposed margin of the vallum are numerous taste buds. SYN: papillae vallatae [TA], circumvallate papillae.
- vascular papillae dermal papillae containing vascular loops.
- p. of Vater SYN: major duodenal p..

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pa·pil·la pə-'pil-ə n, pl pa·pil·lae -'pil-(.)ē, -.ī a small projecting body part similar to a nipple in form: as
a) a vascular process of connective tissue extending into and nourishing the root of a hair, feather, or developing tooth
b) any of the vascular protuberances of the dermal layer of the skin extending into the epidermal layer and often containing tactile corpuscles
d) any of the small protuberances on the upper surface of the tongue see CIRCUMVALLATE PAPILLA, FILIFORM PAPILLA, FUNGIFORM PAPILLA, INTERDENTAL PAPILLA, OPTIC PAPILLA

* * *

n. (pl. papillae)
any small nipple-shaped protuberance. Several different kinds of papillae occur on the tongue, in association with the taste buds. The optic papilla is an alternative name for the optic disc.

* * *

pa·pil·la (pə-pilґə) gen. and pl. papilґlae [L.] a small nipple-shaped projection, elevation, or structure.

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