ec·tro·dac·tyl·ism -'dak-tə-.liz-əm n ECTRODACTYLY

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ec·tro·dac·ty·lism (ekґtro-dakґtə-liz-əm) ectrodactyly.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • ectrodactylism — ectrodactylous, adj. /ek troh dak teuh liz euhm/, n. Med. the congenital absence of part or all of one or more fingers or toes. Also, ectrodactylia /ek troh dak til ee euh, til yeuh/, ectrodactyly /ek troh dak teuh lee/. [1880 85; < Gk éktro(sis) …   Universalium

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