ectrodactyly, ectrodactylia, ectrodactylism

ectrodactyly, ectrodactylia, ectrodactylism
Congenital absence of all or part of one or more fingers or toes. There are several varieties and the pattern of inheritance may be autosomal dominant with reduced penetrance [MIM*183600 and MIM*183802], autosomal recessive [MIM*225290 and MIM*225300], or X-linked [MIM*313350]. [ectro- + G. daktylos, finger]

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  • ectrodactylism — ectrodactylous, adj. /ek troh dak teuh liz euhm/, n. Med. the congenital absence of part or all of one or more fingers or toes. Also, ectrodactylia /ek troh dak til ee euh, til yeuh/, ectrodactyly /ek troh dak teuh lee/. [1880 85; < Gk éktro(sis) …   Universalium

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