di·sac·cha·ri·dase (')dī-'sak-ə-rə-.dās, -.dāz n an enzyme (as maltase or lactase) that hydrolyzes disaccharides

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di·sac·cha·ri·dase (di-sakґə-rĭ-dās″) an enzyme that hydrolyzes disaccharides. In humans, the disaccharidases, comprising the β-glycosidase (lactase–phlorhizin hydrolase) complex, sucrase-isomaltase complex; and trehalase, are located in the brush border membrane of the small intestine, hydrolyzing the oligo- and disaccharides produced after luminal digestion of starches and other dietary carbohydrates. See also under deficiency and see disaccharide intolerance, under intolerance.

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