Chiari-Frommel syndrome

Chiari-Frommel syndrome
Chi·ari-From·mel syndrome kē-'är-ē-'frȯm-əl-, -'främ- n a condition usu. occurring postpartum and characterized by amenorrhea, galactorrhea, obesity, and atrophy of the uterus and ovaries
Chiari Johann Baptist (1817-1854)
German surgeon. Chiari is remembered for his contributions to obstetrics and especially gynecology. A member of the staff of the first maternity clinic in Vienna, he later held the post of professor of obstetrics in Prague. With two colleagues he produced a work on clinical obstetrics and gynecology which was published in 1855 after Chiari's death. In the large section he wrote on diseases of the uterus, Chiari made his early observations on atrophy of the uterus.
From·mel 'frȯm-əl Richard Julius Ernst (1854-1912)
German gynecologist. Frommel in 1882 published his description of atrophy of the uterus due to prolonged lactation. Because of Chiari's earlier contribution, the disorder is now known as the Chiari-Frommel syndrome.

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galactorrhea-amenorrhea syndrome occurring after pregnancy; called also Frommel-Chiari s., Chiari-Frommel disease, and Frommel disease.

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