Having to do with the lungs. (The word comes from the Latin pulmo for lung).
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Relating to the lungs, to the p. artery, or to the aperture leading from the right ventricle into the p. artery. SYN: pneumonic (1), pulmonic (1). [L. pulmonarius, fr. pulmo, lung]

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pul·mo·nary 'pu̇l-mə-.ner-ē, 'pəl- adj relating to, functioning like, associated with, or carried on by the lungs

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relating to, associated with, or affecting the lungs.

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pul·mo·nary (poolґmo-nar″e) [L. pulmonarius] 1. pertaining to the lungs. Called also pneumonic and 1. pulmonic. pulmonic (def. 2).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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