Bone death resulting from poor blood supply to an area of bone. Also known as aseptic necrosis or avascular necrosis.
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The death of bone in mass, as distinguished from caries (“molecular death”) or relatively small foci of necrosis in bone. [osteo- + G. nekrosis, death]

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os·teo·ne·cro·sis .äs-tē-ō-nə-'krō-səs n, pl -cro·ses -.sēz necrosis of bone esp AVASCULAR NECROSIS

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os·teo·ne·cro·sis (os″te-o-nə-kroґsis) [osteo- + necrosis] necrosis of bone due to obstruction of its blood supply. Called also avascular or ischemic necrosis of bone.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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