Relating to both ventricles and atria, especially to the sequential passage of conduction in the retrograde direction from ventricle to atrium.

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ven·tric·u·lo·atri·al ven-.trik-yə-lō-'ā-trē-əl adj
1) of, relating to, or being an artificial shunt between a ventricle of the brain and an atrium of the heart esp. to drain cerebrospinal fluid (as in hydrocephalus)
2) of, relating to, or being conduction from the ventricle to the atrium of the heart

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ven·tric·u·lo·atri·al (ven-trik″u-lo-aґtre-əl) connecting a cerebral ventricle with a cardiac atrium, as a shunt in the treatment of hydrocephalus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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