Abnormally enlarged lymph nodes. Commonly called "swollen glands." The term "lymphadenopathy" is not as tough as it looks. It is made up of three words: lymph + adeno- (meaning gland) + -pathy (meaning disease) = lymph gland disease. Since most diseased lymph nodes are enlarged, the term has come to mean enlarged lymph nodes.
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Any disease process affecting a lymph node or lymph node s. [lymphadeno- + G. pathos, suffering]
- angioimmunoblastic l. with dysproteinemia (AILD) a lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by generalized l., hepatosplenomegaly, fever, sweats, weight loss, skin lesions, and pruritus with hypergammaglobulinemia; occurs primarily in older adults, often with fatal outcome. Proliferation of B cells, deficiency of T cells have been demonstrated. SYN: immunoblastic l..
- bulky l. SYN: bulky disease.
- dermatopathic l. enlargement of lymph node s, with proliferation of pale-staining interdigitating reticulum cells and macrophages containing fat and melanin; secondary to various forms of dermatitis. SYN: dermatopathic lymphadenitis.
- immunoblastic l. SYN: angioimmunoblastic l. with dysproteinemia.
- persistent generalized l. a syndrome characterized by reactive hyperplasia of lymph node s (of at least one month's duration and at two different body sites, not including the inguinal area) in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. The lymph node lesions progress from benign reactive hyperplasia through a stage of mixed follicular hyperplasia, to follicular involution with lymphocyte depletion. Many go on to a malignant non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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lymph·ad·e·nop·a·thy .lim-.fad-ən-'äp-ə-thē n, pl -thies abnormal enlargement of the lymph nodes
lymph·ad·e·no·path·ic .lim-.fad-ən-ō-'path-ik adj

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lym·phad·e·nop·a·thy (lim-fad″ə-nopґə-the) [lymphaden + -pathy] disease of the lymph nodes, usually with swelling; called also adenopathy.

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