A glycoprotein hormone produced by the anterior lobe of the hypophysis that stimulates the growth and function of the thyroid gland; it also is used as a diagnostic test to differentiate primary and secondary hypothyroidism. SYN: thyroid-stimulating hormone, thyrotrophin, thyrotropic hormone. [for thyrotrophin, fr. thyro- + G. throphe, nourishment; corrupted to -tropin, and reanalyzed as fr. G. trope, a turning]

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thy·ro·tro·pin .thī-rə-'trō-pən also thy·ro·tro·phin -fən n
1) thyroid-stimulating hormone
2) a recombinant form of thyroid-stimulating hormone used esp. as a diagnostic agent (as in the detection of thyroid cancer) called also thyrotropin alfa

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thy·rot·ro·pin (thi-rotґrə-pin) a glycoprotein anterior pituitary hormone (28,000 daltons) that promotes the growth of, sustains, and stimulates hormonal secretion of the thyroid gland. Called also thyroid-stimulating hormone.

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