A thin leaf, plate, disk, wafer.
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1. [TA] A thin sheet or layer (such as occurs in compact bone) or sublayer. 2. A preparation in the form of a medicated gelatin disk, used as a means of making local applications to the conjunctiva in place of solutions. SYN: discus [TA], disk (2) [TA]. [L. dim. of lamina, plate, leaf]
- annulate lamellae several pairs of parallel, smooth membranes, each pair containing regularly spaced pores resembling those of the nuclear envelope; they occur in germ cells, embryonic cells, and neoplastic cells.
- articular l. the compact layer of bone on its articular surface that is firmly attached to the overlying articular cartilage.
- l. of bone a concentric, circumferential, or interstitial l..
- circumferential l. a bony l. that encircles the outer or inner surface of a bone.
- concentric l. one of the concentric tubular layers of bone surrounding the central canal in an osteon. SYN: haversian l..
- cornoid l. a narrow vertical column of parakeratosis in the epidermal stratum corneum; characteristic of porokeratosis.
- elastic l. a thin sheet or membrane composed of elastic fibers; distinguished from elastic membrane, which usually refers to a condensed mass of fibers, as in an artery, whereas an elastic l. may be a looser elastic layer such as found in a vein or the respiratory tract.
- enamel l. an organic defect in enamel; a thin, leaflike structure that extends from the enamel surface toward the dentinoenamel junction.
- glandulopreputial l. a layer of embryonic epithelial tissue that gives rise to the prepuce.
- ground l. SYN: interstitial l..
- haversian l. SYN: concentric l..
- interstitial l. one of the lamellae of partially resorbed osteons occurring between newer, complete osteons. SYN: ground l., intermediary system, intermediate l..
- triangular l. SYN: tela choroidea of third ventricle.
- l. tympanica (laminae spiralis ossei) [TA] SYN: tympanic l. (of osseous spiral lamina).
- tympanic l. (of osseous spiral lamina) [TA] the thinner of two plates of bone, incompletely separated from each other by canals for peripheral fibers from the spiral (cochlear) ganglion, that together comprise the osseous spiral lamina; this plate lies on the side of the scala tympani, forming a portion of its wall. SYN: l. tympanica (laminae spiralis ossei) [TA].
- l. vestibularis (laminae spiralis ossei) [TA] SYN: vestibular l. (of osseous spiral lamina).
- vestibular l. (of osseous spiral lamina) [TA] the thicker of two plates of bone, incompletely separated from each other by canals for peripheral fibers from the spiral (cochlear) ganglion, that together comprise the osseous spiral lamina; this plate lies on the side of the scala vestibuli; a thickening of the periosteum, the spiral limbus, is attached to the vestibular l. within the cochlear duct. SYN: l. vestibularis (laminae spiralis ossei) [TA].
- vitreous l. SYN: lamina basalis choroideae.

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la·mel·la lə-'mel-ə n, pl la·mel·lae -'me-.lē, -.lī also lamellas
1) an organ, process, or part resembling a plate: as
a) one of the bony concentric layers surrounding the haversian canals in bone
b ) (1) one of the incremental layers of cementum laid down in a tooth (2) a thin sheetlike organic structure in the enamel of a tooth extending inward from a surface crack
2) a small medicated disk prepared from gelatin and glycerin for use esp. in the eyes <lamellae of atropine>

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n. (pl. lamellae)
1. a thin layer, membrane, scale, or plate-like tissue or part. In bone tissue, lamellae are thin bands of calcified matrix arranged concentrically around a Haversian canal.
2. a thin gelatinous medicated disc used to apply drugs to the eye. The disc is placed on the eyeball; the gelatinous material dissolves and the drug is absorbed.

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la·mel·la (lə-melґə) gen. and pl. lamelґlae [L., dim. of lamina] 1. a thin leaf or plate, as of bone. 2. a medicated disk or wafer prepared from gelatin, glycerin, and distilled water, and containing a small quantity of an alkaloid, to be inserted under the eyelid. 3. gill (def. 2).

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