The formation of sporozoites in sporozoan protozoa, a process of asexual division within the sporoblast, which becomes the sporocyst within an oocyst; follows fusion of gametes (gametogony) and zygote (sporont) formation. SYN: sporogenesis, sporogeny. [sporo- + G. goneia, generation]

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spo·rog·o·ny spə-'räg-ə-nē, spȯ- n, pl -nies reproduction by spores specif formation of spores containing sporozoites that is characteristic of some sporozoans and that results from the encystment and subsequent division of a zygote

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the formation of sporozoite during the life cycle of a sporozoan. The contents of the zygote, formed by the fusion of sex cells, divide repeatedly and eventually release a number of sporozoites. Compare schizogony.

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spo·rog·o·ny (spə-rogґə-ne) [sporo- + Gr. goneia generation] 1. sporulation (def. 1). 2. in protozoa, sporulation involving multiple fission of a sporont (schizogony), resulting in the production of sporocysts (if present in the life cycle) and sporozoites.

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