1. Having sides of unequal length, said of a triangle so formed. 2. One of several muscles so named. See scalenus anterior (muscle), musculus scalenus anticus, scalenus medius (muscle), scalenus minimus (muscle), scalenus posterior (muscle), musculus scalenus posticus. SYN: scalenus. [G. skalenos, uneven]

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sca·lene 'skā-.lēn, skā-' adj of, relating to, or being a scalenus muscle
scalene n SCALENUS called also scalene muscle

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sca·lene (skaґlēn) [Gr. skalēnos 1. uneven] uneven; unequally three-sided. 2. pertaining to one of the scalene muscles (see terms beginning musculus scalenus).

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