A genus of viruses currently called Orthoreovirus (family Reoviridae) that are 80 nm in diameter, with distinct double layers of capsomeres, and have vertebrates as hosts; they have been recovered from children with upper respiratory tract infections, mild fever, and sometimes diarrhea, and from children with no apparent infection; from chimpanzees with coryza; monkeys and mice; and cattle feces. There are three antigenically distinct human types related by a common complement-fixing antigen and at least 12 avian orthoreoviruses.

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reo·vi·rus .rē-ō-'vī-rəs n any of the family Reoviridae of double-stranded RNA viruses
reo·vi·ral -rəl adj

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one of a group of small RNA-containing viruses that infect both respiratory and intestinal tracts without producing specific or serious diseases (and were therefore termed respiratory enteric orphan viruses). Compare echovirus.

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reo·vi·rus (reґo-vi″rəs) [respiratory and enteric orphan + virus] 1. any virus belonging to the family Reoviridae. 2. any virus belonging to the genus Orthoreovirus. reoviral adj

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