A family of double-stranded RNA viruses, some of which (Reovirus) previously were included with ECHO viruses, and others (Orbivirus), with arboviruses. Virions are 60–80 nm in diameter, usually naked, and ether-resistant; genomes contain double-stranded, segmented RNA (MW 10–16 × 106); capsids are of icosohedral symmetry with two layers of capsomeres. The family comprises nine genera : Orthoreovirus, Orbivirus, Rotavirus, Coltivirus, Aquareovirus, cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus group (Cypovirus), and three plant reovirus groups (Phytoreovirus, Fijivirus, and Oryzavirus). [Respiratory Enteric Orphan + viridae]

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Reo·vi·ri·dae .rē-ō-'vir-ə-.dē n pl a family of double-stranded RNA viruses that have a virion with icosahedral structural symmetry but may appear spherical, that have a capsid with one to three concentric protein layers, and that comprise many pathogens of plants and animals including the causative agents of bluetongue and Colorado tick fever see orbivirus, rotavirus

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Reo·vi·ri·dae (re″o-virґĭ-de) the reoviruses: a family of RNA viruses having a nonenveloped icosahedral virion 60–80 nm in diameter; virions have two protein shells, the particle with the outer shell removed being referred to as the core. The genome consists of 10 to 12 structural segments of linear double-stranded RNA (total MW 12–20 Ч 106, 10–27 kbp depending on the genus). Virions contain 10–12 structural proteins, including a transcriptase, and are resistant to heat but sensitive to lipid solvents. Replication and assembly occur in the cytoplasm. Transmission is by the fecal-oral route, by fomites, or by arthropod vectors. Vertebrate pathogens are included in the genera Orthoreovirus, Orbivirus, Rotavirus, Coltivirus, and Aquareovirus. Other genera contain arthropod and plant pathogens.

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