- p. dipeptidase an enzyme cleaving l-p.-amino acid bonds in dipeptides containing N-terminal p. residues. SYN: iminodipeptidase, prolinase, prolylglycine dipeptidase.
- p. hydroxylase an enzyme that catalyzes the hydroxylation of certain p. residues in collagen precursors using molecular oxygen, ferrous ion, ascorbic acid, and α-ketoglutarate; a vitamin C deficiency directly affects the activity of this enzyme; one form of this enzyme (p. 4-hydroxylase) synthesizes 4-hydroxyprolyl residues while another produces 3-hydroxyprolyl residues.

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pro·lyl 'prō-.lil n the amino acid radical or residue C4H8NCO- of proline abbr. Pro

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pro·lyl (proґləl) the acyl radical of proline.

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