A linear polymer containing an indefinite (usually large) number of nucleotides, linked from one ribose (or deoxyribose) to another via phosphoric residues. Cf.:oligonucleotide.
- p. methyltransferases enzymes that catalyze the methylation of purine and/or pyrimidine bases of polynucleotides or of the sugars of polynucleotides. SYN: p. methylases.
- p. thioltransferases enzymes that catalyze specific thiolation reaction of purine and/or pyrimidine bases in polynucleotides.

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poly·nu·cle·o·tide -'n(y)ü-klē-ə-.tīd n a polymeric chain of mononucleotides

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a long chain of linked nucleotide, of which molecules of DNA and RNA are made.

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poly·nu·cleo·tide (pol″e-nooґkle-o-tīd) a linear polymer of mononucleotides; see nucleic acid.

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