pneumoconiosis, pneumokoniosis

pneumoconiosis, pneumokoniosis
Inflammation commonly leading to fibrosis of the lungs caused by the inhalation of dust incident to various occupations; characterized by pain in the chest, cough with little or no expectoration, dyspnea, reduced thoracic excursion, sometimes cyanosis, and fatigue after slight exertion; degree of disability depends on the types of particles inhaled, as well as the level of exposure to them. SYN: anthracotic tuberculosis, pneumonoconiosis, pneumonokoniosis. [G. pneumon, lung, + konis, dust, + -osis, condition]
- bauxite p. a condition due to the occupational inhalation of bauxite fumes emitted during the manufacture of alumina abrasives; characterized by cough, shortness of breath, a combined obstructive and restrictive breathing pattern, and impairment of diffusing capacity. SYN: Shaver disease.
- coal worker's p. SYN: anthracosilicosis.
- collagenous p. a disease of the lungs, characterized by interstitial fibrosis, caused by inhalation of dusts or toxins in the workplace.
- p. siderotica (sid-er-ot′i-ka) p. caused by inhalation of iron dust. SYN: pulmonary siderosis.

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