A genus of viruses (family Parvoviridae) that replicate autonomously in suitable cells. Strain B19 infects humans, causing erythema infectiosum and aplastic crisis in hemolytic anemia. [L. parvus, small, + virus]

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par·vo·vi·rus 'pär-vō-.vī-rəs n
1 a) cap a genus of the family Parvoviridae that includes the causative agents of panleukopenia in cats and parvovirus in canines
b) any of the family Parvoviridae and esp. of the genus Parvovirus of single-stranded DNA viruses
2) a highly contagious febrile disease of canines and esp. dogs that is caused by a single-stranded DNA virus of the genus Parvovirus (species Canine parvovirus), is spread esp. by contact with infected feces, and is marked by loss of appetite, lethargy, often bloody diarrhea and vomiting, and sometimes death called also parvo

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Par·vo·vi·rus (pahrґvo-vi″rəs) [parvo- + virus] parvoviruses; a genus of viruses of the subfamily Parvovirinae (family Parvoviridae) that infect mammals and birds. Viruses multiply in the nucleus and require S-phase cellular functions for replication. Transmission is transplacental or by mechanical vector. Human parvoviruses cause transient aplastic crisis, acute arthritis, erythema infectiosum, hydrops fetalis, spontaneous abortion, and fetal death. Animal pathogens include bovine, canine, feline, and goose parvoviruses, feline panleukopenia virus, mink enteritis virus, Aleutian mink disease virus, and various murine parvoviruses.

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