A family of small viruses containing single-stranded DNA. Virions are 18–26 nm in diameter, are not enveloped, and are ether-resistant. Capsids are of cubic symmetry, with 32 capsomeres. Replication and assembly occur in the nucleus of infected cells. Three genera in the subfamily Parvovirinae are recognized: Parvovirus, Erythrovirus, and Dependovirus, which includes the adeno-associated virus. A second subfamily, Densovirinae, has 3 additional genera, all of which infect arthropods.

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Par·vo·vi·ri·dae .pär-vō-'vir-ə-.dē n pl a family of small single-stranded DNA viruses that have a virion 18 to 26 nanometers in diameter without an encompassing envelope and a capsid composed of 60 copies of a protein and that include the causative agents of panleukopenia, fifth disease, and parvovirus

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Par·vo·vi·ri·dae (pahr″vo-virґĭ-de) the parvoviruses: a family of DNA viruses having a nonenveloped virion 18–26 nm in diameter composed of 60 copies of the capsid protein with icosahedral symmetry. The genome consists of a single molecule of linear single-stranded DNA (MW 1.5–2.2 Ч 106, size 4–6 kb). Viruses contain 2–4 major polypeptides, depending on the species, and are resistant to heat, lipid solvents, deoxycholate, and nucleases but sensitive to formalin, β-propiolactone, hydroxylamine, oxidizing agents, and ultraviolet radiation. Replication and assembly occur in the nucleus and require S-phase cellular function in the host cell or the presence of helper virus. Host range is narrow and transmission may be vertical or by mechanical vectors. There are two subclasses: Densovirinae, comprising genera that infect invertebrates, and Parvovirinae, comprising genera that infect vertebrates.

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