Gene expression

Gene expression
A highly specific process in which a gene is switched on at a certain time and "speaks out." A gene communicates by expressing its code. When the gene is expressed, the information encoded in the gene is transcribed into RNA and sometimes translated from RNA into protein. Expressed genes specifically include: {{}}Genes that are transcribed into messenger RNA (mRNA) and then translated into protein as well as Genes that are transcribed into RNA — such as transfer RNA (tRNA) and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) — but not translated into protein. Interest in gene expression has been both biologic and commercial. (Patents have been granted on human gene expression. For example, a firm called Gene Logic received a US patent covering a method of gene expression analysis.)

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1. the flow of genetic information from gene to protein. 2. the process, or the regulation of the process, by which the effects of a gene are manifested. 3. the manifestation of a heritable trait in an individual carrying the gene or genes that determine it.

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