1. Having a muscarinelike action, i.e., producing effects that resemble postganglionic parasympathetic stimulation. 2. An agent that stimulates the postganglionic parasympathetic receptor. SEE ALSO: muscarine, nicotinic.

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mus·ca·rin·ic -kə-.rin-ik adj relating to, resembling, producing, or mediating the effects (as a slowed heart rate, increased secretion by exocrine glands, and increased activity of smooth muscle) that are produced on organs and tissues by acetylcholine liberated by postganglionic nerve fibers of the parasympathetic nervous system and that are mimicked by muscarine <\muscarinic receptors> <atropine is a \muscarinic antagonist> compare NICOTINIC

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mus·ca·rin·ic (mus″kə-rinґik) denoting the effects of muscarine or acetylcholine at muscarinic receptors (q.v.).

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