1. The central portion of the digestive tube; the distal duodenum, small intestine, and proximal colon. 2. The portion of the embryonic gut tract between the foregut and the hindgut which originally is open to the yolk sac.

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mid·gut 'mid-.gət n
1) the middle part of the alimentary canal of a vertebrate embryo that in humans gives rise to the more distal part of the duodenum and to the jejunum, ileum, cecum and appendix, ascending colon, and much of the transverse colon
2) the mesodermal intermediate part of the intestine of an invertebrate animal

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the middle portion of the embryonic gut, which gives rise to most of the small intestine and part of the large intestine. Early in development it is connected with the yolk sac outside the embryo via the umbilicus.

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mid·gut (midґgut″) 1. the region of the embryonic digestive tract into which the yolk sac opens; it gives rise to most of the intestines. Ahead of it is the foregut and caudal to it is the hindgut. 2. the middle endodermal portion of the digestive tract of invertebrates, such as arthropods, comprising a stomach and sometimes a midintestine. Called also mesenteron.

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