The excretion of leucine in the urine.

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leu·cin·uria .lü-sə-'n(y)u̇r-ē-ə n the presence of leucine in the urine
Each boldface word in the list below is a chiefly British variant of the word to its right in small capitals.
leucoagglutinin - LEUKOAGGLUTININ
leucoblast - LEUKOBLAST
leucoblastosis - LEUKOBLASTOSIS
leucocidin - LEUKOCIDIN
leucocyte - LEUKOCYTE
leucocythaemia - LEUKOCYTHEMIA
leucocytic - LEUKOCYTIC
leucocytogenesis - LEUKOCYTOGENESIS
leucocytoid - LEUKOCYTOID
leucocytosis - LEUKOCYTOSIS
leucocytotic - LEUKOCYTOTIC
leucoderma - LEUKODERMA
leucodystrophy - LEUKODYSTROPHY
leucoencephalitis - LEUKOENCEPHALITIS
leucoencephalopathy - LEUKOENCEPHALOPATHY
leucokeratosis - LEUKOKERATOSIS
leucoma - LEUKOMA
leucomaine - LEUKOMAINE
leuconychia - LEUKONYCHIA
leucopenia - LEUKOPENIA
leucopenic - LEUKOPENIC
leucoplakia - LEUKOPLAKIA
leucoplakic - LEUKOPLAKIC
leucopoiesis - LEUKOPOIESIS
leucopoietic - LEUKOPOIETIC
leucorrhoea - LEUKORRHEA
leucorrhoeal - LEUKORRHEAL
leucosarcoma - LEUKOSARCOMA
leucosarcomatosis - LEUKOSARCOMATOSIS
leucosis - LEUKOSIS
leucotactic - LEUKOTACTIC
leucotactically - LEUKOTACTICALLY
leucotaxine - LEUKOTAXINE
leucotaxis - LEUKOTAXIS
leucotic - LEUKOTIC
leucotome - LEUKOTOME
leucotomy - LEUKOTOMY
leucotoxin - LEUKOTOXIN
leucotrichia - LEUKOTRICHIA
leucovirus - LEUKOVIRUS

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leu·cin·uria (loo″sĭ-nuґre-ə) excretion of leucine in the urine, as in some forms of maple syrup urine disease and tyrosinemia. See also hyperleucinemia.

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