Protruding eyeball. A common finding in hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone) of Graves disease.

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ex·oph·thal·mos also ex·oph·thal·mus .ek-säf-'thal-məs, -səf- n abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
ex·oph·thal·mic .ek-säf-'thal-mik adj

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protrusion of the eyeballs in their sockets. This can result from injury or disease of the eyeball or socket but is most commonly associated with overactivity of the thyroid gland (see thyrotoxicosis).

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ex·oph·thal·mos (ek″sof-thalґmos) [ex- + Gr. ophthalmos eye] abnormal protrusion of the eyeball. Spelled also exophthalmus; called also exorbitism and proptosis. exophthalmic adj

Exophthalmos and lid retraction associated with Graves disease.

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